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First of all get a copy of the sourcecode. You can download it on the SF download page. Unpack it by executing 'tar zfxv xianc-release.tar.gz' in the directory where you downloaded it. Then cd xianc-release. Next just run './configure', 'make' and as root 'make install'. Several advanced options can be given to configure, checkout './configure --help'.

Configure might fail because it can't find some required packages. Xianc needs the GnuMP library and the argtable2 library. You can find installation instructions on and for GnuMP and argtable2 respectively.

Once the packages are installed and configure succeeds continue with 'make'. You shouldn't see any warnings or errors. If you do see them please report them (see the contact page). After a successful 'make', run 'make install' as root to install the binaries.

For general usage you also need rrdtool. It's a program to save and load data into a special format. It also creates the graphs. If you don't already have rrdtool you can get it from

Once everything is installed move on to the configuration section.